Black Pepper (Kali mirch)


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It is known as “The king of Spices” and “black Gold” Pepper is used as a condiment and is constantly used in traditional medicine to make cures for a variety of issues like diarrhea, joint pain, infections etc It is good for indigestion, constipation, oral health and other minor and major stomach illness.  Ayurvedic eye drops have a combination of sting-less bee honey and black pepper  It is very effective in treating mild form of fever and cough Though there are various types of peppercorns like green, black and white, they are all from the same peppers.  The green ones are raw, the black peppers have been dried in the sun or machine dried and the white ones have their outer skin removed. The white pepper is preferred for its milder taste and the green peppers are good for pickling.  However, the universally loved pepper is the black pepper we are all familiar with our salt and pepper.