Cashew (Kaju)

The main harvesting season is from February to May.

  • Raw cashew nuts are a seasonal commodity and the trading season is from March to May.
  • It is cultivated in the west coast, east coast and in a few plain areas in Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh. The highest productivity is noticed in Maharashtra. India is the largest producer of cashew in the world with 25.52% share in world production.


  • In addition to domestic produce, India imported raw cashew from other countries like Tanzania, Kenya, East Africa, Tanganika, Mozambique, etc

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Cashews have :

  • Monounsaturated fatty acids that promote healthy levels of good cholesterol or "HDL". It also reduces triglyceride levels, which aides in better glucose management for a person with Diabetes.
  • Magnesium, which protects against high blood pressure and supports healthy muscles and bones.
  • Copper, which assists in energy production and provides flexibility in blood vessels, bones and joints.