Lai – ramdana

Light in weight since it is made from ram dana seeds. These seeds after processing mixed with sugar and maava. 

There are several varieties of Lai and this mouth watering snack items are mostly found in Bihar, Jharkhand and eastern India. Gaya and Patna (Dhanarua) are the places where one can get this very easily. Lai comes in various shape and infact over a period the design / shape of the sweet keep on changing as per the comfortability of the customer and needs however taste has been maintained and ingredients have been same. 


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Khoya Lai, as is popularly told, has traditionally been used in festivals and poojas however as a snack item gradually is has got so popular that one can’t ignore it without having once seen. Nutritionally too this is quite healthy since it doesn’t contain solidified milk products thus making it easy to digest. Dry fruits are also mixed into it.  Though this can be found across the country, the one from Bihar has a rich and original taste.